Price list

Chair Massage (καθιστή μάλαξη)
This specific type of massage is for those who do not have time available and for this reason it is applied on a special ergonomic chair where the techniques are implemented over the clothes without the use of oil.

30′ / 15€ (gentle pressure), 30′ / 20€ (deep pressure)

Back & Neck Massage (μάλαξη πλάτης – αυχένα)
Focusing on the specific areas of the back and neck with the most muscle tension, massage techniques are used to relieve stress and relieve the area.

30′ / 15€ (gentle pressure), 30′ / 20€ (deep pressure)30′ / 15€ (gentle pressure), 30′ / 20€ (deep pressure)

Holistic massage 

Holistic massage, is the massage that is adapted according to the needs of the person, taking into account the physical, spiritual and mental state he is in. The word Holistic comes from the Greek word "holos" which means "whole", where it is treated the mind, body and spirit of the "whole person"

60′ / 50€ , 80′ / 70€ 

Foot spa with natural ingredients
Hot water foot bath, enriched with salts and essential oils, to expel toxins through feet. After the foot bath, we apply pressures in the area to increase the beneficial effect of the foot bath.

Foot massage(απλό χωρίς ποδόλουτρο)
Enjoy the massage exclusively in the leg area, enhancing the circulation and immediately feel the relief after a long day.

30′ / €20, without foot bath €15

Relax Massage 
The goal of the relaxing massage with the methodical manipulations is to help the body calm down, improve blood circulation, reduce stress levels and enhance general well-being.

30′ / 15€, 45′ / 20€, 60′ / 25€, 80’/ 40€

The combination offered by the aroma of the essential oils with the massage creates wonderful effects on the senses and the body where it improves and stimulates the general well-being and mood.

30′ / 15€, 45′ / 25€, 60′ / 30€, 80′ / 40€ 

Deep Tissue Massage
The combination offered by the aroma of the essential oils with the massage creates wonderful effects on the senses and the body where it improves and stimulates the general well-being and mood.

30′ / 20€, 45′ / 25€, 60′ / 35€, 80′ / 45€

Sports Massage 
Various stretching and movement techniques are used to prevent muscle fatigue so that anyone who engages in regular sports activity remains injury-free achieving maximum performance.

30′ / 20€, 45′ / 25€, 60′ / 40€, 80′ / 50€

Hot Stones Massage
It is the technique that integrates together with the massage special heated stones that are placed in specific areas of the body relaxing the muscles with the heat they offer to release the tension.

40′ / 25€, 60′ / 35€, 80′ / 45€ 

Βεντούζες massage
The cupping technique is done with specialized cups that use suction to pull the surface of the skin to increase blood flow to that area.

30′ /20€, 45′ / 25€, 60′ /40€

Lymphatic body massage
It is the technique that the body needs to help effectively cleanse itself of unwanted toxins by enhancing the circulation of lymph and blood to avoid body retention.

50′ / 30€, 60′ / 40€, 80′ / 55€

Lymphatic facial massage
Lymphatic facial massage is a gentle technique aimed at increasing lymph circulation in the face to reduce swelling, yes restore the lost shine and strengthen its elasticity epidermis.

25′ / 20€

Body Scrub (exfoliation with natural ingredients)
Includes the application of a body scrub with a natural exfoliant(scrub),to remove the dead skin cells and oiliness, leaving it shiny, soft and scented by the essential oils. Then with gentle movements we will apply the body cream with a seductive aroma for the best possible result.

 50′ / 20€

Sauna macro-infrared Technology(up to 4 people)
Sanitac sauna made from solid red cedar, with operating mechanisms of high safety standards, are suitable for frequent use and will offer you many benefits. Removal of toxins, consumption of up to 600 calories in 30 minutes per session, muscle relaxation and other. Dry heat may also be used in individuals with muscle injuries etc.

40' / 15€ (30' sauna + 10' shower)

Cellulite reduction massage
Each session includes an intense massage of the affected areas with Theangelis anti-cellulite oil, with olive oil, rosemary, cinnamon and juniper. Application of Theangelis sea salt scrub, olive oil, dried herbs and essentials oils of rosemary, cinnamon and wild cypress. – Application of Theangelis anti-cellulite body cream with olive oil beeswax, shea butter and essentials oils of rosemary, cinnamon and juniper.

45′ / 20€

Candle Massage 
An enjoyable product for massage in the form of wax, consisting of natural oils. Olive oil, shea butter, beeswax and the combination of essential oils refresh the skin. It starts as a pleasant candle that melts at once and turns into a wonderful body lotion for your skin care, when it comes in contact with the skin.

30′ / 25€, 45′ / 35€,
60′ / 45€, 80′ / 55€

Facial treatment anti-aging with caviar

24h face cream with caviar extract, appropriate for all skin types. Enjoy a complete luxurious face treatment that will rejuvenate your skin, leaving it soft, smooth and shiny.

55′ / 40€

Facial treatment anti-aging and antioxidant

Anti-wrinkle face and eye cream that deeply moisturizes skin, fills fine wrinkles and increases skin firmness. An ideal treatment with rich moisturizing, antioxidant and anti-aging effect.

Hyaluronic Acid: Known for its ability to hold up to 1000 times its weight in water. Deeply moisturizes and revitalizes the skin. It plumps and restores the skin, delaying cell aging. It penetrates and acts deeply, reaching even the lower layers of the skin, working from the inside out. It offers excellent hydration, softness and nourishment.

Pomegranate Extract: An active anti-aging restorative and regenerating element, pomegranate extract stimulates skin repair mechanisms. In addition, it is a powerful antioxidant that fights the effects of ultraviolet rays, stress, pollution and prevents the formation of wrinkles and fine lines.

50′ / 35€

Facial treatment moisturizing and after sun

Easily absorbed rich texture cream, appropriate for sensitive skin type. Aloe Vera reinforces skin's moisturizing mechanism and your skin looks fresh and shiny again. For ages 15-30.

The skin acquires immediate hydration, freshness and comfort, while it remains hydrated even under different climatic conditions, stress and pollution.

40 – 50′ / 30€

Quick facial treatment

Ideal for those who lack the free time or wish to combine face care with a body treatment. Appropriate for all skin types.

Moisturizing 30' / 20€
Anti-aging – Anti-wrinkle 35′ / 25€

The Spot Massage treatment 

A unique combination technique of massage and body treatment that will rejuvanate your body and skin. The treatment starts with a full body scrub that will leave your skin moisturized and shiny.

It's followed by a full body massage, with essences of your choice.

90′ / 55€

Moisturizing facial treatment for men

A complete facial treatment that offers maximum moisturization and revitalizes tired skin.

 45′ / 20€